ice weasel (penguingodfake) wrote,
ice weasel

tights and bacardi thats my party

Hey i dont know if any of you have heard but im having a happy birthday me/goodbye yasmine party at my house, i have a pool a hottuba nd a guesthouse we'll stay in it's not this weekend but weekend after next i dont have a day yet because im trying to coordinate with all the other people hAving parties that weekend so im not like competing with a bunch of people in one day. fyi we are the only family of my last names pretty much in florida, my dad's name is dale that should be plenty to find my address for the people who know me, ill give directions to you personally if you want umm yeah sooo yeah call me, yet aain only people with my last name in phone book ( im aprehensive about giving my address and number over web) oh and anyone is invited, its a sleepover as well but if you dont want to sleep over i have no problem with that. we have a bug driveway and my neighbor is on vacation so we can use his yard and driveway so there wont be any parking problems and uhh yeah call me or talk to me at school or comment if you have any questions

it's going to be da bomb, as they say
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