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So yeah i am covered in fucking flea bites. my friends house had them and i slept on the floor and came back with a few bites. i went back to her house and slept on the bed figuring that would be fine and not only did i wake up with triple the amount of flea bites from before but i apparently brought some home with me, so now my room is FULL OF THEM but i didnt realize that until this morning when i woke up with even more flea bites. My dog Ursa is free of fleas yet I look like I took a bath in poison ivy and mosquitos COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know im complaining alot but typeing keeps my hands from scratching! don't worry about my and my house being some bug nest tho, my room is separate from the rest of my house and my mom is going to fumagate it so the flea problem doesnt get any worse. it's only been a day or two since the fleas got in my room so we should be able to get rid of them...HOPEFULLY! i hope my mom hurries up and does iit because until then i cant go back in my room, which means i cant get dressed or anything
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