ice weasel (penguingodfake) wrote,
ice weasel

Life, the Future, and Sexy Teeth

Is it weird to think someone has sexy teeth? not in like a vampire way or anything.

Tiffany Robinson and I have come to three conclusions about the future:

-Your computer will be dissapointed with you. Some baseball bats might also be dissapointed with you, but we hope that never happens

-The only people allowed to have facial hair will be old men dressed like sphinxes

-The color yellow will be banished. Red and Blue will always be feuding, while purple will just be everybody's bitch. Colors like gold will still be allowed, however yellowesque they may be. It would be sort of like medicinal marijuana. Golden yellow is just pushing it.

and three conclusions about life that will always be true

-Pajama pants might not neccasarily count as pants, but they are the most superior form of butt-to-legs wear

-Kettle Korn is FUCKING AWESOME, and best served hot, mixed with regular popcorn, in a black or grey bowl. Also if someone tells you not to spill popcorn all over, the floor does not count, only the couch.

-One great thing about the USA is that one may order the "flavor" blue, and not only will everyone know what you are talking about but you will get exactly what you want

Brittny got me a 2 books from Atlanta one is the biography of the pythons, by the pythons and the other is entitles "sweet jesus I hate bill o'reilly" I went to Barnes & Nobles and they still don't have the new Christopher Moore book, but i did get one of the his two old ones that I don't have. It was pretty good, it had some different elements than his usual style, the ending left me a but unsatisfied. If none of you have read any of his books DO IT they are fucking awesome and hilarious and just great reads. B&N is carrying outdated versions of 4 of his books. Once his book has been out for a certain amount of years, the price drops from 13 dollors to 9.50 and they had old ones with the cost still at 13, so it's like what you pay for it depends on which one they put on the shelf, even though the price reduced one is exactly the same. I'm hungry
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