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I went to sleep really late(would it be called late if it's technically am?), i woke up really early you do the math i got very little sleep. Im going with my dad to bring my elderly grandparents back home to louisiana. So a 6-8 hour drive there, then turn around and drive back. I DONT WANNA DO THIS!!!!!!!!!! but i have to. the worst kind of activity. i really wanna get in the car, go to sleep the WHOLE TIME and get this the fuck over with!! Feel free to call me ill have my cell phone on me. in fact i encourage you to call me! i dont care who you are! charge it to my phone i dont care. i better fall asleep cuz im too tired to read. i really wanted my organic rice crispies this morning, and THERE WAS NO MORE MILK! and I had poured the cereal and EVERYTHING! and my dad will listen to country music the whole time i know it Ok if you like country thats your business im sure your still a nice person blah blah BUT I HATE IT!! DAMN YOU TOBY KEITH!!!!!!!!!!

seg and i had coffee last night but we cut it off early cuz of the weather. i still had fun tho. this was literally a call i recieved

ring ring ring

ME: Hello?
ME: Sarah?
SG: ehhhh.... slience cracking of the phone
*hang up* (we both hung up)
ME: what the...
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