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it's officially been 1:00 for 2 hours. BLEH, believe i LOVE gaining an hour, but my mom said it owuld be on sunday night, so i would gain an extra hour b4 school when i really need it.

I ohpe i can finish this dumb shit! god damn you ee! i refuse to capatalize yoU!

I just looked at a bunch of year book signatures. they cheer me up sometimes. it makes me feel liked :) people can be alot funnier than they even know just by being themselves in their signatures. its funny to watch the styles of different people over these last three years. I cant wait for my senoir yearbook! there's not any pics of me at all in it, i wonder if it will just say "picture not taken" or something. I wonder if i can request that a picutre of like a smiley face or a pimp can be put there instead. yeah. a pimp. awesome.


ITS A SENOR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just realized that! coolest thing ever!

Speaking of Senor, I really wanna see happy feet. its only going to be FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!! As is Borat. I VOW to myself i will see those two movies in theatres. I havent been to the movies since like summer. very different kinds of awesome but awesome nonetheless. the ACTs SUCKED!!! erica's text messeges about her hatred for them are well conceived, emotionally engaging, and completly accurate! I used the word "howsomeever", and thought of biddy. then i saw a swarthy latin penguin sing "my way" in spainish, and thought of senor.
it is a good thing i drive us because whenever me & tiff drive together we see something hilarious and she has a tiffany ceizure(ceisure?)
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